• Premium Sweet Corn
  • Fresh Ontario Asparagus
  • Certified Organic Asparagus
  • Jamaican Pumpkins

Fresh Ontario Sweet Corn & Asparagus

Welsh Bros. is a family farm that constantly strives to produce the highest quality, best tasting produce possible. Farming in Southwestern Ontario since 1855, our love of farming has been in the family for many generations. We have had a long standing tradition of growing Premium GMO-Free Sweet Corn in Scotland, Ontario. In the 1980’s we also began growing Asparagus, and in more recent years, Organic Asparagus and Jamaican Pumpkins.

Our goal is to produce the best produce we can; to be proud of what people bring home to their tables and provide them with fresh local food that is safe for their family.

Premium GMO-Free Sweet Corn Out Of Season

Fresh Asparagus Out Of Season

Organic Asparagus Out Of Season

Jamaican Pumpkins Out Of Season

Our top quality produce is available at many of the finer fresh fruit markets and farmers markets in Ontario, as well as some out of province locations.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in buying Welsh Bros. premium produce, please visit our Retailers & Wholesalers page or Contact us.