Irrigating Sweet Corn on the Welsh Bros. Farm

Our Farm

Being located in Scotland, Ontario provides us with excellent sandy loam soil. It is an abundant fresh fruit and vegetable growing area which is why our family has farmed here for so many generations.

At Welsh Bros. we are constantly striving to create the best produce we can for you. We only hand pick our produce. We never use machine harvesters. We think it is essential to have everything hand-picked and hand-graded to provide our retailers and customers a premium product.

We use hydro-cooling equipment to lock in the freshness and flavour of our produce. As soon as our produce is picked, it is quickly cooled so you can enjoy the best tasting, freshly picked feeling at home.

We have currently been experimenting with organic farming with our Welsh Family Organics produce. As our farm grows, we are looking at how farming impacts future generations. We feel that as farmers it is our responsibility to look after the land this includes using organic compost and cover crops that help eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers.

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