Welsh Bros. Fresh Ontario Asparagus

Fresh Picked Ontario Asparagus Out Of Season

Season: Early May - Late June

Our asparagus is harvested from early May until late June. It is a perennial crop. We plant the asparagus root and then after 3 years of growth we can harvest it. The variety we mainly plant is Millennium. We hand-pick and hand-grade the asparagus. It is graded into six different categories taking into account the diameter of the spear, the length of the spear and the shape of the spear. They fall into the categories of jumbo, large, standard, slender slim, short tip, and number twos and are boxed accordingly.

The field is picked daily, sometimes twice a day in warmer temperatures. Asparagus is also hydro-cooled immediately after it is harvested to ensure the best tasting product is delivered to your retailer.

Find Ontario Asparagus Retailers

When asparagus is in season (typically early May - late June), the map below will show retailers in Southern Ontario who carry our fresh hand-picked asaparagus. If you don't see Welsh Bros. premium produce at your local farmers market or fruit stand, ask for it!

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