You can serve steak. But it's our corn they'll remember.

GMO-Free Sweet Corn

Season: Early July – End of Sept
Shelf Life: 10-14 days under proper conditions

Out Of Season

Ontario’s finest GMO-free Sweet Corn Delivers premium flavour, robust size, and just picked freshness in every cob. These are standards that you’ve come to expect from Welsh Bros. and standards that Welsh Bros. always delivers upon.

Bi-colour Sweet Corn

Welsh Bros. Premium Bi-Colour Sweet Corn Kernels

Often referred to as Peaches and Cream, Welsh Bros. Bi-Colour Sweet Corn has distinctive white and yellow kernels that are so juicy and sweet it has become the “corn connoisseur’s choice”. Try it once and we know you’ll see why!

Yellow Sweet Corn

Welsh Bros. Premium Yellow Sweet Corn

Welsh Bros. Yellow Sweet Corn is an heirloom variety that is available in limited supply. It is an old-fashioned corn variety that delivers a distinctively delicious, sweet and buttery flavour. One bite and you’ll understand why we call it “Chocolate Sunshine”.

Where to buy Welsh Bros. Sweet Corn

When in season (typically early July – end of Sept), view the map below to see all the retailers in Southern Ontario who carry our sweet corn. If you don’t see Welsh Bros. Premium Fresh Produce at your local farmers market or fruit stand, ask for it!

Fresh Ontario Produce for Wholesale and Retail

If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in buying Welsh Bros. Premium Fresh Produce, please visit our Retailers & Wholesalers page or Contact Charles Welsh.

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